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So, now that you know how to make ooodles of hair bows for your little princess, you will now need a place to keep them. Again, these are so simple to make. I had so much fun making mine I’m looking for more little girls to make them for!

OK! First things first! Here is the list of things you will need:

~ ONE LARGE (6-8IN) WOODEN LETTER ( I got mine at Micheals for $4!)

~ONE SHEET OF CARDSTOCK SCRAPBOOK PAPER ( any design you fancy is fine)

~ ONE SILK FLOWER ( I just grabbed one I liked on clearance for 99 cents)


~ SPARKLY BAUBLES! ( I picked sparkly buttons for the center of the flower)


Spray the glue onto the letter you picked out and immediately glue to the BACK side of your cardstock paper. You want the design on the front. Press down firmly and let the glue set for one hour. After the glue has set, use an exacto knife to cut the excess paper away from the letter.

Next, cut you ribbons to your desired length, the more bows you have the longer the ribbon length. ( I have seen them all the way to the floor!) Place the ribbons you have selected on top of each other. (Smaller on top of larger) Hot glue them together at the top. Next, hot glue your ribbons to the back or your wooden letter. Assemble your flower by taking it apart, leaving only the petals. Hot glue the petals together, one layer at a time. Then glue your sparkly baubles in the center of the flower. Once you’re done, hot glue the whole flower to your wooden letter.

Done! So simple and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for stopping by!