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I have always loved big flower bows on little girls. But being that we are a single-income household, there isn’t always enough funds left over to buy pretty little baubles! So, I did some investigating and taught myself how to make beautiful flower hair bows for my two little princesses. With two girls in the house, (possibly three! *fingers crossed*), they will always be in   demand. And now I’m going to teach you! Seriously, these are so simple to make, I feel silly that I ever bought one from a store.

First, you will need some store-bought silk flowers. ( I bought these at the dollar store)


Next, some plastic crystals. You can find these at virtually ANY craft store.

And finally, scrapbooking brads. Any with a large, flat surface will work here.

Take your flowers apart and start to layer the petals one on top of the other. Keep going until you reach the fullness you desire.

Insert your brad into the center of the flowers. I put a ring of hot glue on each layer to ensure the flower stays together.

 Turn your flower over and hot glue your crystal to the flat surface of the brad.

Insert the end of your brad into a quilting clip. I bought mine at Joann Fabric.

Flatten the ends of your brad against the clip. You can hot glue these in place by cutting a small piece of fabric into a circle and hot gluing it over the brad ends.

Now it is ready to wear! It can be clipped into an older child’s hair or attached to a crocheted headband for an infant!

Now see! Wasn’t that so easy to do? Not to mention cheap. I can make six or seven of these for under $10. Gotta love that!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I just know your little girl is going to love it!

Thanks again for stopping by!