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Our Valentine’s was so simple this year but so sweet. The girls and I woke up to find petals from our rooms to the kitchen where we found special gifts for each of us from Daddy. He also surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers after he had gotten home from work. We decided not to ‘plan’ something special this year because every time we try, things always feel forced and fake. This year was PERFECT! We had a wonderful day!

This was my special gift! I love candles and a decorative display. I was so shocked when I woke up that morning. OOHH, how I love a good surprise!

Next came dessert! Jose has a passion for making sweet treats! Actually, he is quite good at it. So he made me a new dessert called a Cream Cheese Cookie Sundae!

This was soo yummy! (and soo simple)

First, we made sugar cookies from a store bought mix, but *shhh*, here is the secret, instead of a stick of butter, replace half with your favorite flavor of cream cheese! (We love Strawberry!)

I made them into cute little heart shapes

Next, pick out your favorite ice cream, preferably one that will compliment your cookies. We chose a strawberries and cream!

Now, take your cream cheese cookies and crumble them up into your ice cream. I like to leave big chunks!

Then just add your favorite toppings! We opted for a gooey hot fudge!

Add a little garnish and Voila! Simply sweet yumminess!!

I hope your Valentine was as sweet as ours! Thank you for stopping by!