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Welcome! I am very excited to share my little peice of the world with you all. I thought I would get started by introducing you to the key players here on LoraLili! I have two beautiful daughters, Lorelai and Liliana. They are the center of my world; second only to my amazing husband, Jose! We live a small-town life that is quiet and peaceful. A perfect place to raise children, our family is happy here. (Not to mention growing!) We just found out we are going to have another baby last month, and we are thrilled!
So without furthur ado, let me introduce you to my family.


Lorelai, my oldest. She is my mini me!

She is also a little ham! She loves to be in front of the camera!

She is always dancing around the living room saying, “Momma, look at me!”

My baby, Liliana

She isn’t quite so fond of the camera. She rarely smiles for me on que!

These girls are the light of my life! If you are mommy, you know that your children can be your greatest blessing while also being your biggest challenge!

joseAnd of course I would be lost without my wonderful husband, Jose! After one failed attempt at wedded bliss, I felt I didn’t deserve another chance at love, and then I found Jose. He taught me how to love and give myself completely to another. (Sounds so cheesy, but it’s true!)

I hope you enjoyed this little intro to my family.  I can’t wait to share more with you. Thank you for stopping by!