Mommy Time: Recharge yourself in 30 minutes!


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No one ever said being a mom was an easy job. I know how tough it can be to create some “mommy time” while you are hunting for lost socks and reading bedtime stories. I found that the hardest part for me, was getting over the guilt I felt for trying to get some time away from my children. But this is one of the most important lessons I have learned, (mostly from the wisdom of veteran moms!), taking care of myself is just as important s taking care of my children. My children deserve the best, that includes the best mommy. I can’t be my best me unless I make time to recharge my mom batteries and do something JUST FOR ME. So, I wanted to share some of the tricks that I use to create some mommy time for myself. They are all easy and require you to scoop out only 30 minutes of time or less from your day.

1. Shower Timesainsbury_s

This is my spin on the traditional bubble bath suggestion. Very little appeals to me about a bubble bath. The water gets too cold too quickly and I can never get the bubbles to stay big and fluffy, and if your like me, you have a shallow, stock bathtub in your bathroom. To get the ‘bubble bath’ feeling in the shower, I lather up my favorite body wash into an extra-large loofa and let the aroma fill the room. I rub it all over and just stand in the hot jet of water until it is all washed away. I just LOVE standing in the shower with my eyes closed. The tension in my back is released and my mind is at peace. And the best part? The bathroom door has a lock! So, the bathroom has just become a kids-free zone!

2. Indulgence


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I was watching the Dr. OZ show, (something I normally never do), and he was interviewing a celebrity that had lost a bunch of weight. She was explaining that the only way she could keep herself on track was to indulge in her guilty little pleasures every now and again. I really like that word, indulge. Moms need to take the time to indulge into their favorite things everyday. For me, this is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is said to packed with antioxidants and mood boosters. I really just love the luxurious feeling I get when I eat some. (heavy french accent) ” Hello, Mrs. Fancy Pants! Care to partake in some rich, creamy, dark chocolate?” (thick english accent) “Why, yes. Yes I would.” I instantly feel like I have pampered myself and it only takes 30 seconds.


3.  While they sleep…393_edited-1

Truly, the only time I am alone is when my little rascals are asleep. My husband and I use these precious moments to catch up on each others day and enjoy some cuddle time on the sofa or, when I’m really lucky and my husband is up for it, he massages my feet with my favorite foot cream. We cherish the last moments of the day. The house is silent and we can enjoy each others company.

These are just a few of the ways that I recharge my batteries after a hectic day. More to come! I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for stopping by!



Hair Bow Holder


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So, now that you know how to make ooodles of hair bows for your little princess, you will now need a place to keep them. Again, these are so simple to make. I had so much fun making mine I’m looking for more little girls to make them for!

OK! First things first! Here is the list of things you will need:

~ ONE LARGE (6-8IN) WOODEN LETTER ( I got mine at Micheals for $4!)

~ONE SHEET OF CARDSTOCK SCRAPBOOK PAPER ( any design you fancy is fine)

~ ONE SILK FLOWER ( I just grabbed one I liked on clearance for 99 cents)


~ SPARKLY BAUBLES! ( I picked sparkly buttons for the center of the flower)


Spray the glue onto the letter you picked out and immediately glue to the BACK side of your cardstock paper. You want the design on the front. Press down firmly and let the glue set for one hour. After the glue has set, use an exacto knife to cut the excess paper away from the letter.

Next, cut you ribbons to your desired length, the more bows you have the longer the ribbon length. ( I have seen them all the way to the floor!) Place the ribbons you have selected on top of each other. (Smaller on top of larger) Hot glue them together at the top. Next, hot glue your ribbons to the back or your wooden letter. Assemble your flower by taking it apart, leaving only the petals. Hot glue the petals together, one layer at a time. Then glue your sparkly baubles in the center of the flower. Once you’re done, hot glue the whole flower to your wooden letter.

Done! So simple and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for stopping by!



Flower Hairs Bows.. Never pay full price again!


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I have always loved big flower bows on little girls. But being that we are a single-income household, there isn’t always enough funds left over to buy pretty little baubles! So, I did some investigating and taught myself how to make beautiful flower hair bows for my two little princesses. With two girls in the house, (possibly three! *fingers crossed*), they will always be in   demand. And now I’m going to teach you! Seriously, these are so simple to make, I feel silly that I ever bought one from a store.

First, you will need some store-bought silk flowers. ( I bought these at the dollar store)


Next, some plastic crystals. You can find these at virtually ANY craft store.

And finally, scrapbooking brads. Any with a large, flat surface will work here.

Take your flowers apart and start to layer the petals one on top of the other. Keep going until you reach the fullness you desire.

Insert your brad into the center of the flowers. I put a ring of hot glue on each layer to ensure the flower stays together.

 Turn your flower over and hot glue your crystal to the flat surface of the brad.

Insert the end of your brad into a quilting clip. I bought mine at Joann Fabric.

Flatten the ends of your brad against the clip. You can hot glue these in place by cutting a small piece of fabric into a circle and hot gluing it over the brad ends.

Now it is ready to wear! It can be clipped into an older child’s hair or attached to a crocheted headband for an infant!

Now see! Wasn’t that so easy to do? Not to mention cheap. I can make six or seven of these for under $10. Gotta love that!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I just know your little girl is going to love it!

Thanks again for stopping by!



Simply Sweet Valentine


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Our Valentine’s was so simple this year but so sweet. The girls and I woke up to find petals from our rooms to the kitchen where we found special gifts for each of us from Daddy. He also surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers after he had gotten home from work. We decided not to ‘plan’ something special this year because every time we try, things always feel forced and fake. This year was PERFECT! We had a wonderful day!

This was my special gift! I love candles and a decorative display. I was so shocked when I woke up that morning. OOHH, how I love a good surprise!

Next came dessert! Jose has a passion for making sweet treats! Actually, he is quite good at it. So he made me a new dessert called a Cream Cheese Cookie Sundae!

This was soo yummy! (and soo simple)

First, we made sugar cookies from a store bought mix, but *shhh*, here is the secret, instead of a stick of butter, replace half with your favorite flavor of cream cheese! (We love Strawberry!)

I made them into cute little heart shapes

Next, pick out your favorite ice cream, preferably one that will compliment your cookies. We chose a strawberries and cream!

Now, take your cream cheese cookies and crumble them up into your ice cream. I like to leave big chunks!

Then just add your favorite toppings! We opted for a gooey hot fudge!

Add a little garnish and Voila! Simply sweet yumminess!!

I hope your Valentine was as sweet as ours! Thank you for stopping by!

Welcome to my Little Peice of the World


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Welcome! I am very excited to share my little peice of the world with you all. I thought I would get started by introducing you to the key players here on LoraLili! I have two beautiful daughters, Lorelai and Liliana. They are the center of my world; second only to my amazing husband, Jose! We live a small-town life that is quiet and peaceful. A perfect place to raise children, our family is happy here. (Not to mention growing!) We just found out we are going to have another baby last month, and we are thrilled!
So without furthur ado, let me introduce you to my family.


Lorelai, my oldest. She is my mini me!

She is also a little ham! She loves to be in front of the camera!

She is always dancing around the living room saying, “Momma, look at me!”

My baby, Liliana

She isn’t quite so fond of the camera. She rarely smiles for me on que!

These girls are the light of my life! If you are mommy, you know that your children can be your greatest blessing while also being your biggest challenge!

joseAnd of course I would be lost without my wonderful husband, Jose! After one failed attempt at wedded bliss, I felt I didn’t deserve another chance at love, and then I found Jose. He taught me how to love and give myself completely to another. (Sounds so cheesy, but it’s true!)

I hope you enjoyed this little intro to my family.  I can’t wait to share more with you. Thank you for stopping by!